What is Impact Hub Kyoto?

Dōjō for Change. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Impact Hub Kyoto strives to be a place where people with a strong desire to change society and the world can gather, learn from each other and find new solutions. We believe, however, that in order for sustainable change to come about, we must first embrace change in ourselves.

Therefore, in addition to social and ecological innovation, we also seek innovation of the self: a reevaluation of our mind and body in order to reveal our full potential. Enacting these three forms of innovation is what we call the “Art of Living”. The Impact Hub Kyoto aims to help individuals discover this Art.

Meaningful Content

Events that encourage mindfulness and ingenuity

The Impact Hub Kyoto offers a variety of events and seminars that help participants discover the “Art of Living” and find solutions to bring about positive social change. We offer four programs: 1) HUB Kitchen and opportunities to get to know our community; 2) HUB Reconnect and activities for “self-innovation” and discovering one’s potential; 3) HUB Idea Pitching and entrepreneurial programs to help enterprising individuals realize their ideas; 4)HUB Inspire Me! and platforms for spreading ideas and holding; intellectual discussion.

Vibrant Community

Where everyone is Welcome

Located in a city that embodies both a traditional culture that dates back 1,000 years and a modern sensibility, the Impact Hub Kyoto is well placed to bring together a community of passionate and creative individuals. Here, diversity is celebrated and everyone is welcome, regardless of age or background. Our community here also has the opportunity to connect with the rest of the global Impact Hub network.


Impact Stories

This is home to member blogs and news from Impact Hub Kyoto. Please check here to see the updates and member experiences. 


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