Kobudo-Classical Japanese Martial Art


IMG_2052What is Kobujutsu?
Kobujutsu is a general term for the ancient martial arts of Japan.  This class is based on techniques from one of the oldest remaining schools of Jujutsu , kenjutsu, and bojutsu that was tried and tested on the battlefields during the Sengoku period.
What will you learn?
  • Learning Kobujutsu will allow your body to reset to its proper usage and you will experience improved balance along with the benefits of exerting the least amount of energy necessary to perform any given task.
  • The focus of the class is to reconnect our mind, body, and spirit through the wisdom passed down from the ancestors of Kobujutsu.
  • The classes begin with still and moving meditation, followed by stretching and specialized warm up to facilitate proper movement and usage of the entire body.
  • The lessons are taught mainly in English to provide a unique multicultural learning experience.
More details about the class
Systematically practicing footwork and striking/defensive techniques as well as sword and staff techniques performed in kata make up the basis for the class.  The practical and various applications of all techniques are integrated into lessons.  After the techniques are sufficiently performed the class moves back into the stillness of meditation before finishing.  Participants are often left with an energized spirit and feeling of a relaxed physical being.
To whom we recommend this class
In general, this class is open for people of all ages and experience levels, however it is especially recommended for those interested in improving their health and spirit while being engaged in a multicultural atmosphere. The lessons are also recommended for those interested in learning effective self-defense tactics. The innate power held in the simple movements of walking, standing, and sitting serve as the energy source for most techniques therefore the body movements learned are easily applied to improve daily life.
The Instructor is a 4dan Shihan-dai of Takenouchiryu  Bitchuden Kobudo and has nearly 20 years of martial arts experience. If you are interested in joining the class here are the details.
Place : Impact Hub Kyoto
Date and Time : 11/16, 11/30, 12/7, 12/14,12/21,12/28     MONDAYS 18:30-20:00
Fee    ¥500 for the 1st trial / ¥2,000 for each session / ¥8000 for 5 time-ticket     
         *Impact Hub Kyoto Member and students will get 20% discount
Wear: Loose fitting sports wear or dogi, bare feet, no accessories.
RSVP : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CGIGQ_wKJeT06CxafEg_KLBJSe-r6d0iqe85260SXOc/viewform  
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Event Organizers

Impact Hub Kyoto


Date & Time

21 December 2015 | 18:30 to 20:00


Impact Hub Kyoto


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: 20% off

Cost for Non Members: ¥2000

Updated on 18 November 2015