【Announcement】『Life-Awakening Program ~いのち興し~』Preprogram starts!
4 February 2014 - hubkyoto

【HUB Reconnect】
We are happily begin to offer our one of Self Innovative programs HUB Reconnect series called~いのち興し~(Life-Awakening)from this coming April!
The preprogram for the series starts next week. Would you like to join us in the morning and booth up your energy and start your day fresh?


morning activity


☆What is Life-Awakening Program~いのち興し~@Impact Hub Kyoto?

Have you ever thought of exercising in the morning have a different affect compare to exercising at night? Morning is the golden time to energize your mind and body holistically. To set up nice and easy breathing rhythm while you are in the calm environment in the morning helps to create the mood you wish to sense for the day. So let’s make our day start fresh with ~いのち興し~and experience how it feels like to be in calm and sharp in mind and body at the same time.



Practice a approach/technique to center body and mind such as meditation, yoga, feldenkrais or Aikido.
Create collaborative place to share a new idea and thought after practice.
Impact Hub Kyoto is a place for accelerate the business and project start-up for you. At~いのち興し~program, we would like to have a time to share the breakfast together after the practice. Please use this time to speak up your new idea to other members or hosts to make it real! We are always welcome to have new visitors. Do not hesitate to bring your friends, colleagues and family members. Let’s make this place as a Fountain of new creative ideas and the origin of potential collaborative projects. The early birds gets the worm! We are looking forward to share fresh morning air with you all♪

2/12(Wed)、26(Wed)7:00 ~ 8:30
2/23(Sun) 8:30 ~ 10:00
3/12(Wed)、26(Wed)7:00 ~ 8:30
3/16(Sun) 8:30 ~ 10:00
【Participation fee】Non-members 1500yen, Members 1000yen (with tea)


Breakfast at Hub